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Your next dream assignment

For those of you who have your own company and work as a freelancer we offer an "exposure package". This package means that we expose you in our large customer network. We reduce the period of non-utilization witch increases your profitability over time. Most of our freelancers ask us to expose their profile continuously to minimize the gap between assignments.


  • We look at your profile from a 360 ° perspective and highlight your qualities and skills and promote you based on this.

  • We review and adjust your CV  and cover letter for each assignment we expose you to

  • We help you to set the right price bid for each assignment

We who work at the Maderik Institute of Management AB have long experience of the GIG market (consulting market) and have several, well-developed sales channels.


How do we do it?

The process starts with us interviewing you to get a picture of how you are, what preferences you have and in what way you prefer to work. With your input, we produce a professional CV and create a unique cover letter for each assignment we expose you to. This is to find your next dream assignment sooner, and with greater precision. Before we expose you to each assignment, it is always approved by you.

We can also carry out an analysis on you to find out your talents and driving forces. This is especially interesting when you want to change your career or you are not sure what type of assignments fit you best. This analysis is offered separately.


Register your interest (non-binding) below and we will tell you more about our service. In the message field, enter your preferences, such as geographical location and from when you are available.


Thanks for sending your information!

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