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What do customers say?

Over the years, many assignments and projects have been carried out. See a selection of comments and references from our customers.

ESS Lund

The European Spallation Source is a multi-disciplinary research facility based on what will be the world's most powerful pulsed neutron source. It is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden. The ESS Data Management and Software Centre will be located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mark Anthony, Project Director

“Our international project is staffed with people with many different backgrounds and experiences.  Each of us have a dominant style and natural style that influences the way we work and perform at our best.

Maderik Institute of Management AB facilitated 2 sessions that gave us insights into our behavior styles.

By learning to understand the behavioral profiles of the team and preferences of people who work for us, as well as your own, I feel we are better able to manage and build stronger and closer work relationships, and boost the commitment and performance of those on my team.

Becoming more self-aware allows us to lead more successfully.”

Review from Executive Management Team (a selection)

" It was valuable to get improved understanding of the different team members characteristics"

 "Presentations were very good and useful"

" Understanding of group dynamics and how to adapt my leadership"

Testresultat från vår utbildning
PMI Sweden Chapter

PMI was founded in 1969 and is today the world's leading organization for people who are interested in project work and professional project management.


PMI today represents over 600,000 members in 180 countries. It is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization, whose purpose is to promote and develop project work and project management, disseminate information and create contact areas for issues related to project work.

PMI in Sweden

In Sweden, we have been operating since January 1998 and the business is entirely run by volunteers.

We are geographically divided into four areas: North, East, West and South. These areas are run by local workgroups that organize locally adapted activities and offer local networks. For some areas of interest there is also the opportunity to participate in nationwide virtual networks.


In collaboration with the PMI Sweden chapter, Maderik Institute of Management conducts lectures in the area of ​​competence Leadership. Lectures have been conducted in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Linköping.


Feedback from our participants


"Good theoretical review with cross-fertilization between theories and examples from practice."


"Easy and clear to follow."


"Knowledgeable lecturer who knew and adapted the performance to the audience."


"Good dialogue between lecturer and audience."


"Good balance between presentation and dialogue."


"Well thought out presentation with good summary in a short time"


"Interesting and content-rich topic with good discussions"


"Important knowledge to reach out with"


"All good examples and that the lecture was aimed at situations that project managers are often subjected to, were a big plus


"Exercises and humor!"

Eslöv municipality

Management training program for one of the management groups. The group consisted of 7 people and our delivery included six full-day meetings and a lunch-lunch conference.

The overall purpose was to strengthen the leadership of the management team and to initiate an effective and value-creating approach in order to challenge and inspire.


Participants' reflections on the program:


  • A program that included a selection of different theories and schools but with a focus on raising awareness as a group in areas of improvement and as support to make my personal transformation changes.

  • We all participated and contributed to bringing our work forward.

  • The management team has created something clear together. Good tool to use in the future.

"Program for anyone who wants to invest in management skills and group development."

Participants' reflections on arrangement:


  • Inspirational and good lectures. Good tools. A lot of commitment.

  • Good days, good pace, useful content and I have reflected a lot both during the days and between the training sessions.

  • Good and easy-going program, good leaders, good content.

  • Good width, pace and content.

  • Good ability to create team feeling.

“You have been responsive and tried to adapt and adjust the content to our needs. Good with the tree model. Good with many interactive exercises. "

Participants' Reflections on Delivery:

  • Now we have a work in the management team that is more structured and forward-looking.

  • We do not try to develop the management team in divergent directions, but do so in common with a common picture.

  • Fun days with lots of laughter.

“We have come to know each other in a better way that makes us a" better "management group. You have contributed to this being possible. ”

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