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Decision Making

Training for managers and teams

We all make many decisions each day, and the results of these decisions shape 

the future of our projects, our business, our careers and our lives. 

So, how can we improve our decision making skills? Especially in critical situations when failure is not an option.

This training is designed to provide many perspectives and practical tools for making better decisions not only for your business success but also for your daily life. 


The training includes a broad range of examples from operations research to statistics, behavioral sciences, history and chess. 

This training provides an overview of our own mental shortcuts, cognitive biases and explains how you can avoid them.

These techniques will help you to think critically and avoid psychological decision making pitfalls under time pressure.

When learning the decision-making methods for groups, participants will compare the pros and cons of each method to see which method fits best for each situation.

You will also receive resources, checklists and roadmaps for better decision making. 


Some of the benefits of this training:

- Gaining a broader perspective of decision making processes

- Improving critical thinking skills

- Distinguishing between symptoms and root causes

- Avoiding cognitive biases

- Learning group decision making methods

Training Modules (can be tailored according to your needs)

- Theories & Tools

- Decision Making under Risk

- Cognitive biases and fallacies

- Critical thinking

- Data-driven decisions and Business Intelligence

- Decision making methods for groups

We will have interactive exercises, discussion and Q&A during each module 


Please contact us for more information and available dates.

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