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Communication with DISC model

One of the tools that we use in our delivery is the DISC model. The DISC model has been successfully used in Sweden since 1973! Our consultants have been authorized for many years to use the powerful tools of IPU, so even this year.

Organizations and individuals have developed over the years and been given the opportunity to understand themselves and thus others better, which has stimulated and improved cooperation and efficiency.

Wherever there is a need for better communication between people, a common tool and language is key to success.

Increased knowledge about oneself and own behavior is a basis for both good leadership and employee engagement. When you get better at communicating with each other, everyone feels better. It increases job satisfaction and makes you achieve both soft and hard goals in a more efficient way.

Please contact us so that we can explain how this proven method will improve your organization.


The DISC model is based on the well-known psychologist Carl G Jung's typologies and William Moulton Marston's research and development of the theories of people at work.

The model is developed in the United States, where it is known as MFS, Managing For Success, Style Analysis and Success Insights. In total, over 30 million analyses, based on Marston's characterizations, have been implemented.


In Sweden, the DISC model has been adapted to Swedish conditions by the Institute for Personal Development (IPU).

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