We have all been through a different year. New routines have created new habits that have made our everyday lives different. Our ability to work together and solve unprecedented problems has never been more important than now. 

Knowledge of how different people function and react to change has never been more important than now. Over a 10-year period, we have seen that mental illness has increased in the business world by 100%. (In some industries and groups even more than that) 

The managers who have knowledge of this area have an advantage.

What would it mean to you if you better understand early signs of mental illness and know how you can adapt your leadership to reduce its effects? What would it mean financially for your business if you could reduce the mental illness in your company? 

Maderik Institute of Management AB provides lectures and training for you and your managers to handle this situation proactively.

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Is great team work important?

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Maderik Institute of Management offers businesses lectures and consulting in leadership and team development, as well as specialists in a variety of areas of expertise.

Our values ​​are based on experience, personality and driving forces, which are crucial success factors for the assignment and efforts to be implemented in the best way for our clients and employees.

We are open and transparent so that you as a client can feel completely satisfied with our working method and delivery. Our consultants have many years of experience from different industries - both public and private.

Our foundation stones are based on:

  • Well-proven and research-based methods

  • Simplicity

  • Clear start-up processes

  • Continuity

  • Anchoring and sustainability

  • Measurement of results

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Important core values for our business are to contribute to an increased understanding of mental illness and to work to alleviate its costly effects. We do this, among other things, by allocating funds annually to various foundations and organizations that work with the issues. Our main sponsoring is to the organization Understand who annually receives funds for support and research on mental illness. Please, support their important cause! www.foreningenunderstand.se

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